Criminals. Society outcasts, predators, lazy, ignorant, poor, mentally ill... what comes to your mind? They can't follow our rules so who cares about them right? So what if they don't get their medications, clean food or can't escape extreme temperatures? Feels good to be righteous and tout the old adage, "Don't break the law, don't go to jail." doesn't it? Until someone you love is touched by law, you do not know a damn thing about this illusion called the Justice system. Every one of us has broken a law at some point in our lives. Many of them jailable. You've been somewhere you weren't supposed to be. Bounced a check. Lapsed on your car insurance. Lied to get out of jury duty. Drank with an underage person. Operated a vehicle buzzed. Peed where you are not allowed. Forgot to pay for the item on the bottom rack of your shopping cart. Transported a weapon illegally to go hunting. Gone over 20MPH of the speed limit. You sleep believing your own lie of how good a person you are. It's okay. I believe you are by the whole a good person. Perfect by no means. Even my most inspirational person flipped a table, associated with prostitutes and thieves. Through kindness, forgiveness and sacrifice he set a path for us to have a better life and eternal gift.


Over the last several years there has been an increase in civil unrest. There is only one common denominator. We the people are marching along to hundreds of unaccountable board rooms in all aspects of our lives. Our health, food, housing, entertainment, and law all under the influence of the elite building their fortune. Holistic remedies suppressed by big pharma. Technology suppressed and retarded that would put the energy companies out of business. Politicians fed by lobbyists (soldiers of that board room I write about) with their own financial agenda and not the betterment of society. We the people are rising.


As you can see with my all over the place prelude, my view is large and I will return to my point. Privatization (capitalism) of ANY government element is destroying us. We have credit card companies lobbying for prison sentences on neglected debt. Red light cameras punishing the owner and not the driver by a private company. We have private mental health facilities with under the table donations to other programs District Attorneys, Mayors and Judges benefit from to fill their beds. And the grand daddy of them all, The prison for profit system. GEO, CCA thrive on our social outcasts. They claim to be cheaper than government ran facilities. Not if they house people longer (through policies created by them to deny good time credit for parole eligibility) and influencing legislature for stricter penalties for crimes that bring their customers in (non violent or acts against a person). Where do these profits come from? Lack of care (schizophrenia medication) and actual rehabilitation programs. Jail does not rehabilitate. It only makes more criminals better at their craft than straighten the wayward.


Texas is ranked 6th highest in the ratio of incarcerated people to population. I heard that statistic and it bothers me. It could only be one of two things. The people of Texas are rotten or the laws we have are excessive. I'm leaning towards excessive and corrupt legal practices the people are revolting against such as Dallas and Baton Rouge. BLM does not have my support by any means. Violence begets violence. I think there is a relationship that should be looked at but in no way validates their actions.

It took me hours on the internet to find evidence of my suspicion. There is a relationship between privatized prisons and incarceration rate. Look for yourself in a nice little map...




Incarceration rate per capita


Privately Owned prison locations

















Private prison locations


Incarceration per capita


Study showing private prison hold inmates longer


History of Private (corporate owned) Pri$ons






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